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Coffee Guide: How to make the perfect Espresso

You don’t have to have the barista badge to make the perfect espresso! Whether you’re at home or at work, we want to give you a guide that will give you Barista bragging rights for making a quality espresso.

How well do you know your coffee?

If we take it back to basics, Espresso is defined as a type of strong black coffee that’s made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans. Sounds simple, right? However, what we can’t neglect is the beautiful and rich history of Espresso, that dates all the way back to the 1800s; and just how much more substance it adds onto the mere definition thereof.

Of course, exploring the different factors that make an impeccable Espresso lie in uncovering the different coffee bean blends, recipes, dosages of ground coffee, weight of the liquid and so forth. And sticking to true modern style Espresso making, we have premium products to ensure you get the most out of your Espresso .

Choose from our range of Mokarabia Ground Coffee Espresso blend to meet and exceed your palette’s needs . Or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Our Cellini Melodico Capsules will go a long way in making the most delectable Nespresso. Follow us on our Facebook page for more products.

Must-have qualities of the perfect Espresso

Our team here at Willow Brew goes all out to make sure you always have service and products that are top tier! Ever heard of the saying “Quality over quantity”? Well, we believe in giving you the entire experience!

Essential features of an espresso are a result of how the pressure extraction system was used in an espresso machine. Beyond that, there is whole art that goes into making a memorable Espresso. Here’s what you need to know about what the perfect espresso must have:

  1. Crema- The crema shouldn’t be too frothy and it needs to have the perfect nuances of dark brown and red colours. Finding the balance between the right amount of crema that does not contain large or small bubbles is also a trick to master. The essence of the crema is to ensure you don’t see the coffee underneath.We can also safely say that the heart of the Italian Espresso is the Crema!

  1. Aroma- The smell is intense, full-bodied and it lingers strongly for a few seconds or even minutes. And so with that, you can pick up on or sense different aromas that add ambiance for your Espresso experience. You can sense toasted fragrances, chocolate, flowers and even fruit.

  1. Flavour and Body- There are 4 elements that make up the taste and these are acidity, saltiness,bitterness and sweetness. The body of an Espresso should be full , mellow and velvety enough, with the perfect balance of all the elements that are paramount to the flavour.

  1. Aftertaste-An Espresso aftertaste is meant to be long lasting and consistent. With that, the hints of the different notes, be it floral, fruity or spicy linger on. The aftertaste still remains as full-bodied and vivid as your espresso.

If you haven’t noticed, these features tick off the elements that speak to your senses! Visual representation,olfactory evaluation, taste, tactile and aftertaste. Like we said, all-things-coffee is meant to be an experience!

Got the right Equipment?

What would an Espresso be if you did not have the right equipment to make it? Granted, it may not guarantee you the best espresso, but it definitely goes a long way in creating it.

The Grinder determines how much Espresso you can make out of the coffee that’s been ground.

The Espresso Machine provides the right pressure, stability, temperature and volume of water. And throughout the process, it should be consistent in how each cup comes out.

We know all about the right coffee machines and makers, particularly for your espresso making chronicles. Take the Moka Pot, for example. We have an article that breaks down the usage of the Moka Pot for this intent , in the comfort of your own home.

Check out our website for our machines and see which specifications will brew the best Espresso for you!

7 Steps on “How to” make the perfect Espresso

Finally, we get to the pointers that are imperative to making an Espresso you won’t forget! And with how we keep reiterating how much of an experience we want to give you with everything that has to do with our coffee, what better way than to bring that experience full circle with 7 steps?

  1. Understand what Espresso is

  2. Start with good,quality coffee

  3. Use good equipment

  4. Grind your coffee well

  5. Decide on your water brew ratio

  6. Be mindful of water quality and temperature

  7. Evenly distribute and tamp your coffee

To learn more about the Willow Brew way of doing things, check out our videos on Facebook.

Espresso yourself with Willow Brew Coffee Merchants

Not only are we providers of superior coffee and products, but we want to make sure you understand what we are about fully. In learning about the essence of the different coffees, you become a true coffee enthusiast ,who, in this can can make a mean Espresso! Contact us or follow us on our social media pages for more .

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