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Easy Espresso Tricks: 3 Different tips on how to make a great Espresso

Making coffee may seem like an easy thing to do. Well, we beg to differ because everyone can make coffee but mastering the making of specific coffees is a different story altogether! One such particular coffee that is the focal point of this article is the infamous ESPRESSO!

Just like the Espresso cup, in this short article, we put together 3 different tips on how to make a great Espresso.

What do you need

To make a good Espresso, you need the right coffee accessories and equipment. From your Moka pots, to grinders , milk frothing jugs to a scale to measure your dosages , your home or working areas needs to have these and a few more accessories to make the perfect brew of Espresso.Check out our previous blog on making an Espresso with a Moka Pot.

Of course, you can always check out the products and equipment we have that will help with your coffee making experience. Our team also ensures that you don’t lack knowledge of the variety in our range of coffees, be it ground or still in the form of beans. Follow us on Facebook and interact with us.

Let’s make that Espresso, shall we?

One may argue that making a great Espresso is difficult, but we beg to differ. We strongly maintain that with the combination of right coffee beans, a clean espresso machine and grinder; as well as an even better recipe makes for a great Espresso! Here are our 3 easy Espresso tricks;

  1. Coarse vs Fine Beans- Make sure your beans are not too finely ground as this affects the permeation of water and how well the flavours and aromas can be extracted from the beans. Now, you may ask what the right size of beans is once they are grounded? If your beans are the size of sugar grains- a ground that is somewhere in between, this is how you will get the texture, blend and flavour that’s just right for an espresso.

  1. Use the right beans- Using Arabica beans helps the flavours and aromas ooze out of your espresso brew. This goes back to how these Arabica beans have grown in ideal weather conditions, making for a superior quality! You can visit our website and have a look at our range of Mokarabia beans. Of course, the right dosage is what you also need to remember with this tip!

  1. Perfect Portafilter- Cleanliness is next to Coffee Brewing! So make sure you keep your space and portafilter clean and tidy! Another thing you need to know about how portafilters enhance the taste of your coffee is to use the right size for your machine. This will in turn allow for the grounds to be heated evenly.

If you want to refine your knowledge on the practice of making an Espresso or coffee making as a whole, you can easily head to our website or social media page and be a barista in your own right!

Final Willow Brew Espresso words

As the coffee enthusiasts we are at Willow Brew, we urge you to learn about your coffee and the processes of making it so you’re able to make it an enjoyable experience! Contact us for more information. Remember, there is always time for coffee!

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