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Essential Coffee Accessories : Top 5 Coffee Accessories you cannot go without

Making better coffee and having a great experience with your love for coffee definitely requires the right accessories to achieve that. To get serious about it, there are accessories that you cannot go without and this article will give you a run down of those Top 5 essentials.

The evolution of coffee making

You may wonder, what’s the big deal about “coffee accessories”? Well, to us, it’s not just coffee and it’s not just accessories. With our vast experience, you will know that one thing about us is providing you with superior products and outstanding service and where else can that begin if not in our Willow Brew home?

For years, coffee has been made manually through the simple methods of crushing beans and putting the ground beans in hot water to make the perfect brew. Even though the traditional ways of coffee-making are still kept in some parts of the world, it is now highly linked to machinery and use of accessories.

Sure, we could argue that the rise and focus of coffee accessories and equipment is intentional. It speaks to the needs of people who are always on the go and would like to have their fix of java at their convenience.

Coffee accessories and equipment-WHY?

And so, as true coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts, ours is to show you the purpose and reasoning behind why these accessories and equipment are necessary.

  1. Time saving and efficiency- Whether you have a favourite coffee spot or you make your brews at home, we know that it is important to have machinery that is easy to use and maintain. Overall, the convenience of having your own machinery and accessories, makes things easier for your daily routine and those unpredictable caffeine cravings. Our website has just the right accessories that will aid your coffee making experiences.

  1. Room for opportunities- There are true coffee enthusiasts who are able to find entrepreneurial opportunities through having equipment and accessories they can use. Sure, even the standard coffee making machine is costly, but anything worth having hardly comes easy, right? So thank your baristas for having the guts to sacrifice and be part of establishments that brew you the best coffee in town! Be it a stationery establishment or a mobile one, the supply and demand of coffee is met and we are true testament of that, just check out our story.

  1. Always something new to learn- Yes, we agree that machinery brings convenience and ease of use, however, even the coffee industry is fluid in the things that one can learn and always upgrade on. Be it an upgrade on equipment and accessories, or just a new cappuccino making skill- this is proof that it’s constantly evolving! On that note, you can check out our blogs and get clued up on something new!

  1. Portable- As mentioned above, you can choose to have your coffee anywhere and at any time. This is where the brilliance of the evolution of coffee machines and accessories come in. When the craving hits you, you easily get your fix!

  1. Supply and demand- The evolution of the coffee industry has made a gap for further experiments of flavours, aromas, blends and cremes. With that, why not have the appropriate accessories and machinery to help make the best cups of java under the sun. You can visit our Facebook page to see just what we mean here.

The Willow Brew Merchant Coffee guide to accessories you need

Now, here’s what we rate are the accessories you cannot be without. Advanced level barista or novice level, whichever category you fall under, this is the section you need to pay attention to. Perhaps have a cup of coffee while you learn about it? Our treat!

  1. Coffee Machines- This piece of equipment is a dream to have!With multi-purpose features, you can make the best cups of coffee and still be able to do other things such as bake, warm baby bottles, make soup or grill cheese. Granted, they do come in different variants and specs but with the right skills and maintenance, your coffee machine will always cooperate. Have a look at our selection of coffee machines and see which one you may like.

  1. Moka Pots-Need the right kind of percolation? You can depend on stove-pot Moka Pots to do the job for you and make you the best espresso-like coffee. This accessory uses boiling water to force steam through the coffee grounds,so unlike the coffee press/plunger, it bubbles the coffee up instead of down.

  1. Milk Frothing Pitcher- Cappuccino, Latte or if you are keeping to our Italian coffee, whatever tickles your fancy , a milk frothing pitcher is something you cannot be without. It is a jug used to collect frothed milk before it is poured into the prepared cup of espresso to make one of these coffees. Our 600ml Milk Frothing Pitcher jug can be all yours, just shop with us.

  1. French Press /Plunger- Separating the grounds from your coffee is important and the French press makes this process easier as the use of water allows for it to filter the grounds swiftly and thoroughly. We at Willow Brew recommend that you have one, for quality filtering and even better coffee. Of course, you can shop for ground coffee on our website.

  1. Coffee Grinder- A strong and reliable grinder is one of the most important pieces of coffee gear to have. Not only is it portable but it is spacious enough to keep a larger quantity of coffee. This is great because we have a home starter kit that comes with a Moka Pot and Grinder, the frothing on top is the pack of Mokarabia coffee.

Ready, Steady, Get Brewing with Willow Brew

Our team definitely believes that the quirks and contemporary flair of the coffee industry are what make it a beautiful one. Coffee has proven that it’s not just a liquid people indulge in. It’s an art ,a way of life for some, a culture, a part of different public and private spaces. Link up with us on our Facebook page or you can reach out to us.

From us at Willow Brew, happy coffee-making to you and yours!

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