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How to make Cold Brew without a fancy Cold Brew Setup

Coffee drinks aren’t immune to trends and fads. We’ve all seen the latest drink of the month come and go from our neighborhood coffee shops as well as the big chains. But there’s one coffee drink that seems poised to stay, particularly when the weather is warmer and we’re all looking to cool down: cold brew coffee.
Cold brew might seem like it’s just an iced coffee, but it’s not. Cold brew isn’t just chilled coffee. It’s actually coffee beans that are steeped in cold water for up to a day, and then often diluted with water before drinking. It has a smoothness and lack of acidity that many people enjoy (and it still provides a caffeine kick). And unlike some very fancy coffee drinks, making cold brew doesn’t require a ton of extra equipment or expense. How can you make it and what steps should you follow? This graphic offers some easy instructions.

Guide to cold brew coffee


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