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Italian Roasted Coffee: 5 of the finest selection of Willow Brew Roasted coffee capsules you should have.

How much of a coffee enthusiast would you say you are? How well do you know your roasts and what exactly defines them? Well, fret now, we are here to be the dose of the right coffee knowledge you need, Italian Coffee style!

What’s Italian Roasted Coffee?

First things first, let’s start with a little history lesson. Did you know, there is no such thing as Italian coffee beans? That’s all a myth, as Italy doesn’t have the right climate to grow the beans but the beans are sourced elsewhere, only to be roasted in Italy.

Italian Roasted coffee refers to a style of coffee roasting that produces oily and usually very dark coffee beans, which are typically used to brew Espresso. Now of course, this blog also speaks about coffee capsules and we will be delving deeper into them.

What are coffee capsules?

They are basically plastic containers that are sealed with aluminium foil and contain ground coffee inside. The capsule may be part of an open or closed system. Open systems allow for more products to be used in the machine as they are made with the compatibility of the machine. Closed system capsules just mean that you can only use one brand of capsules which are compatible with your machine.

5 advantages things about coffee capsules

We thought it best to expand the knowledge of our Willow Brew community and let you in on some points that will help you understand capsules much better. Truth is, some people love them and some don’t. On the other hand, we cannot deny the improvement that the creation of coffee capsules have brought to businesses. Here are some benefits.

  1. Convenience and quick

  2. No need for special Barista skills

  3. Long shelf life

  4. Affordable and saves money

  5. Numerous varieties and flavours

5 of Willow Brew Finest capsules

We at Willow Brew have a variety of coffee capsules to satisfy your taste buds and meet your caffeine fix needs! Here is a selection of 5 of our finest coffee capsules, courtesy of Willow Brew Coffee Merchants.

  1. Caffe Mokarabia Capsules

  2. Cellini Nespresso Melodico

  3. Caffe Mokarabia Nespresso Classic

  4. Cellini Caffè Cappuccino Cremoso

  5. Cellini Dolce Gusto Extra Bar

Check out our website and see which capsules tickle your fancy! Of course, with us, you can bet that we have a variety of capsules for you to try , feel free to have a look!

Count on us for coffee capsules and so much more with Willow Brew

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